Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean

Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean is a copyrighted production that incorporates the
Sensational Murcia’s world famous high wire act and the legendary Wheel of Destiny
act all in a very unique setting.


The show commences with a little boy who dreams of becoming a pirate after a bedtime
story, in his dreams this becomes reality and the action begins!


It is your typical “GOOD” pirates against the “BAD” pirates, however, this all takes place
suspended on a thin wire cable 30 feet in the air over the top of a huge pirate ship!
This is when you see over 30 years combined experience of the Sensational Murcias on
the high wire. Watch as they execute various daring feats, acrobats and tricks on the 1/2
inch steel cable, such as sword fighting, the dangerous two man high, actually skipping
rope and the finale trick you have to SEE TO BELIEVE!


Also included in the action is the Wheel of Destiny, disguised as an enormous skull and
crossbones, where fate is also tempted. As the giant wheel spins the pirates jump,
somersault and sword fight all while it is rotating on its axis!


The whole performance is presented in authentic pirate costumes, complete with a
beautiful pirate ship backdrop and set, exciting suspenseful music, fantastic use of
lighting and smoke effects for an experience that you will never forget. It is nonstop
action from beginning to end and guaranteed to thrill all ages.


The Sensational Murcia family high wire act has been featured at many events around
the world, including performances in Japan, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Jamaica,
Bahamas, as well as at various fairs, festivals and amusement parks in the USA. Walter
Murcia the patriarch of the family, originally from Colombia, South America, now along
with his family, wife Victoria and two sons Alexander (13 years old) and Antony (11
years old), call Bradenton, Florida home. Walter and Victoria Murcia are proud to be
performing with their two sons and nephew, Andres Murcia. Their sons proudly
represent the 10th generation of circus performing in the Murcia family.