Complete Shows

Turn your venue into a Star Attraction with one of our “turn-key” complete shows that will fill your stages with crowd-pleasing entertainment, drawing patrons and inspiring impressive numbers for ticket sales!


We offer a diverse, comprehensive roster of complete shows including musical and themed variety productions, featuring either large or small casts that compliment your venue’s demands and capabilities. These complete packages run the gamut from Cirque, Illusion, Star Tribute and Ice Shows to performances that are focused for children or young families. Specifically suited for outdoor venues, we provide fully produced Circuses, Performing Animal, Aerial, Thrill and Extreme Sports Shows. All of our production shows feature outstanding novelty acts, one–of-a-kind featured performers and award winning artists! In addition, Star Attractions provides services that include creation, lighting and set design, costuming and casting for productions specifically customized for your performance venue.


Star Attractions has over 25 years of experience with clients that range from Fortune 500 corporate events and conventions, to fairs and festivals, amusement and theme parks as well as cruise lines and casinos. Pairing our clients with attractions that will appeal to your specific diverse demographics is our specialty. You are just a phone call or email away from having a complete packaged show ready to perform for your next event! 


Contact us today, and we’ll help you select the perfect show tailored to your entertainment requirements.