Pretty Naked Women Doing Tricks


”Pretty Naked Women Doing Tricks” is a fun-hearted spectacle that will amuse and amaze audiences with its far-reaching and broad range of talents and acts.  The variety of performances range from the classical to the whimsical, from the comic to the awe-inspiring; it is a night that will be remembered.


These are pretty women, and they’re pretty naked. The tricks include magic, circus and variety acts, and of course dance.  The entire production is supported by a top-notch dance troupe that is also comprised of pretty naked women.


The nature of the show is laid out right in the title. It is sexy, fun, whimsical, and provocative, and the title itself will be turning heads!


The night starts with a blockbuster dance number that is speckled with a flash and a taste of the acts that will be shown. Amid the dancers, there is gleam of magic, an aerialist soaring overhead, and a ballerina twirling across the stage.  The emcee and host for the show comes out at the end of the first number to greet the guests and introduce the acts.


Dance numbers breaks up the acts, and a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor will be in play throughout the night.


By the very nature of this production, the scope and breadth of this show is versatile enough to match the needs of just about any space without sacrificing the basic integrity of the concept.


Let’s face it…they’re “Pretty Naked Women Doing Tricks”!!