Puppets & Players

Offering two completely different marionette shows; their smash hit “Puff, the Magic Dragon”, and a brand new presentation of “Thumbelina”.  Both of these delightful shows combine the magic of marionettes, hand puppets, and live performers in a unique blend of theatrical wonder audiences young and old will never forget.

Puff, the Magic Dragon”, is a 30 minute show featuring marionettes and hand puppets delightful songs and an energetic live performance by Gil Olin, who doubles as a storyteller and a pirate. 

Thumbelina” is a 30 minute show, featuring marionettes and hand puppets, classic songs, and live performances by Laurie Branham as the woman who longs for a child, and Gil Olin as the legendary author Hans Christian Andersen.

The Puppets & Players Little Theatre is a totally self-contained marionette theatre on wheels complete with stage, sets, lighting and sound. They require two standard 110 electrical outlets, (preferably on separate circuits), and an outdoor or indoor space which is trailer accessible.  When the theatre is fully open, it requires a space measuring at least 24 feet long by 12 feet wide, by 11 feet high.  Presenting up to 3 – 30 minute shows per day.