A Unique Host




Born and raised in Hawaii, Clint Carvalho caught on to the world of parrot training before he even learned to count. He got his start helping his older brother (a local exotic bird trainer in Honolulu) with his own show, which displayed the natural intelligence of the Parrot. After years of training with birds from all around the world, Clint struck out to the city of Las Vegas to pursue a solo career alongside his "extreme parrots." He would go on to be voted the most unique & entertaining act in Las Vegas, and over the course of the next decade he would go on to star in over several shows and become one of the most recognized talents on The Strip.

In 2000, Clint took a step back from show business to dedicate his time to helping the very animals that helped him rise to fame. Taking care of extremely abused parrots, Clint set out to rehabilitate a number of unfortunate animals and even went so far as to train the birds for a special national tour, with the goal of letting strangers interact with the wary parrots so they would learn to trust people once again. In that same year Clint heralded the birth of his youngest son, who has naturally become one of his biggest fans. After twelve years of taking time for his family and rehabilitating birds of all species, Clint stepped back into the spotlight and tried out for the nationally renowned T.V. contest, America’s. He landed in one of the top spots, and made it all the way to the semi-finals before being eliminated.

After his stint on America's Got Talent, Clint was signed on as host of the best variety show in Las Vegas! Make sure to check out all of Clint's birds amazing tricks, feats of intelligence and more in his critically acclaimed routine that has been consistently voted "The Best Animal Act in Las Vegas!" You can check out Clint Carvalho and his extreme parrots live on stage, nightly.