Snake Babe

Body Painted Reptile Girl 


It’s OK to stare at this visual display that brings the sexy appeal of Las Vegas to your event

As the doors open a small stage is illuminated in the center of the room.  Standing there is an artist with paintbrush in hand creating a custom work of art on a human canvas. That canvas is none other than The SnakeBabe direct to you from, David Letterman, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and more.


Her costume is not real but painted on her. Her flesh becomes patterned as the very reptile she is holding. 


Bright scales are painted onto her smooth skin covering what needs to be covered but still showing the natural beauty of a woman without being offensive. The end result is the appearance of a totally clothed woman.


As the art is finished she brings both her living art and her wonderful animals to greet you. Men and women alike cannot resist a chance to pose for photos with this television personality who is there just for you. 

You can pet her snakes; get a photo memento for your self or to show off when you get back to the office.