Zeman Entertainment


Zeman Entertainment, a husband and wife team provide high energy acts full of excitement! Karoly, a Hungarian born, third generation circus performer graduated in the Hungarian Circus School. Anita, also a third generation performer hails from an internationally known Brazilian family of Flying Trapeze artists known as the Flying Souzas!
Since this dynamic duo has been married, they have performed their signature acts which are:
1. Roller Skating Act - performed by Karoly and Anita displaying their talents on an elevated platform all while roller skating and constantly revolving in a fast spinning motion. In addition to this, they include a twist of modern dance moves and difficult adagio like tricks. The audience themselves might even get dizzy watching these two professionals!
2. BMX Bicycle Act - performed by Karoly, a freestyle BMX Champion presenting acrobatic flatland riding tricks, accompanied by his trusted assistant Anita. This presentation is one of a kind as Karoly combines his street-style BMX skills into a unique stage performance!