Circus & Variety

Whether you are seeking individual acts or complete shows, Star Attractions offers Circus Variety Acts that provide edge-of-your-seat performances by some of the most talented artists gathered from around the world!


Fun for all ages, you’ll be thoroughly entertained with the iconic acts that audiences instantly associate with the circus like flying trapeze and high wire artists, jugglers, acrobats and silly clowns.  In addition, enjoy contemporary, modern thrills and danger with a vast array of today's artists that supplement new twists and unbridled excitement to the skills of traditional circus acts. Add to this, the wonderful world of animal stars including lions and tigers and bears - Oh My! – and mix in dancing horses, trained house cats and performing dogs to enhance the perfect recipe for a production that will delight and amaze your audiences!


With a vast data base from which to choose, Star Attractions enables you to mix and match your favorites to customize a show or choose from one of our show packages that will leave your spectators begging for more! Contact Star Attractions to receive a list of acts and attractions that would be most suited to your event and a no-obligation quote.