Cartoon Poodles

The Cartoon Poodles are a creation of the Abuhadba Family. Rafael and his family from Chile, South America are 6th generation circus performers and animal trainers specializing in the Poodle breed. The poodles are more than a family tradition for the Abuhadba's; they are more like their children. More than a dozen poodles share luxury living quarters with the Abuhadba's and have their personal
mobile outdoor exercise yard as well. The poodle education is simple. It requires lots of love, motivation, and treats. Additionally, these happy, talented canines amuse hundreds of spectators everyday with their energy and spark.


Since his departure from his native land of Chile in 1985, Rafael has performed for millions of people in the best of shows of the Caribbean, South, Central, and North Americas. Our famous and colorful poodles fly in the air, dance with glamorous night costumes, perform Conga lines, high dive through hoops, perform comical boxing match, and much more to delight audiences of all ages.


The talented and entertaining Abuhadba Family has received the highest recognition in the countries in which they have performed. (See our clients section below, for organizations, companies and venues performed.)


Whether in a small setting, a huge "Big Top" venue, or a theatrical stage, the Abuhadba Family and the Cartoon Poodles are sure to entertain you and touch the hearts of your audience as well. We look forward to performing for you soon.