House Cats

Panfilova is beautiful, but not only on the outside. It is her inner beauty and her genuine love of her performing HOUSE CATS that radiates from every gesture that she makes during her show. Proving that it is not only possible to train these independent, self-absorbed felines, Mayya demonstrates that the training and performance must be built on a foundation of LOVE, care and concern. Mayya and her animals are a troupe of bonded performers. Being rescued from shelters and integrated into the Panfilova family unit has resulted in this stunning LIVE act that exudes LOVE and affection at every turn.Many shows and marketeers claim to be involved with productions that are family friendly, but few shows have this level of talent to delight and entertain the entire family from Grandma & Grandpa all the way to the 3 or 4-year old. Mayya and Her Performing House cats are the big finish to this great show.Enjoy these segments of performance highlights and sing along as you spot the LOVE in the eyes of Mayya Panfilova and her Kitties!